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Title:Lunch A TreeGenre:Action
Developer:Wooden FishermanYear:2008
Version:Not SpecifiedSource:No
Description:The first “made in a week” game from the series initiated by two Croats under the label Wooden Fisherman. The goal these two guys set upon them was to create a new game each week based around some theme, all inspired by an Gamasutra article. The theme for this game was leaves.

I guess there is a limit you can expect from this type of games, where their main strength usually lies in the gameplay. I would render this game as their weakest so far, with somewhat clumsy and tedious gameplay where you guide a worm on a tree with a goal to eat all of its leaves. This idea just doesn’t function well. The very graphics are not that bad, leaning toward Flash games style, animation is cute, and the music quite relaxing.
Download Local:Available (2227 KB) [2931]Website:Available
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Screenshots: 1 Staff Rating:9 / 20
User rating:11.00 / 20 Votes [2] Comment and rate
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