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Title:Missile CommandGenre:Action
Developer:Vincent DeCampoYear:2008
Description:A remake of the classic Missile Command game.

The objective in Missile Command is to defend your cities from falling nukes by shooting rockets at them. The player has 3 rocket launch pads at his disposal and each pad comes with a limited amount of rockets per level. The game also features few extra enemies that can be killed for bonus.

The best aspect of this remake is the gameplay which is very fun and addictive. The game progresses well, is well balanced, and the default high scores are very challenging to beat.

The game comes with a nice title screen tune and pleasant retro sounds effects. I can only complain on the graphics, which could work without few 32-bit shaded sprites. Also, maybe the explosion/particle effects could have been slightly more frantic.

Extra download is the game zipped (alternative to the setup file).
Download Local:Available (1065 KB) [3045]Website:Available
Extra Download #1:AvailableExtra Download #2:None
Screenshots: 1 2 Staff Rating:13 / 20
User rating:13.83 / 20 Votes [6] Comment and rate
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