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Title:Berzerk 2.0Genre:Action
Developer:Vincent DeCampoYear:2008
Description:A remake of the classic arcade game Berzerk.

The player controls a humanoid stick figure trapped in a series of single screen mazes (rooms) filled with robots. The objective is to clear each maze for higher score. As the player advances through different rooms, so does the difficulty. Itís basically a score driven game. The game involves some interesting kill bonuses, but all this is copied from the original concept that hasnít been advance or rehashed on any way.

The game comes with retro and slightly annoying sound effects (not counting the cool speech messages that made the original a classic).

Extra download is the game zipped (alternative to the setup file).
Download Local:Available (803 KB) [2987]Website:Available
Extra Download #1:AvailableExtra Download #2:None
Screenshots: 1 2 3 Staff Rating:12 / 20
User rating:12.75 / 20 Votes [4] Comment and rate
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